What I Will Miss When I Move From Canada To The United States

And what I won’t.

Shoshana Kaufman


Photo by Paul Kapischka on Unsplash

My husband and I are about to move to the United States from Canada. This was a wrenching decision. Between us, we have three children here, none of whom will be moving with us. My daughter is a thirty-something web designer who lives downtown Toronto and my two teenage stepchildren are university students who will be staying behind and living with their mother.

Obviously, we will miss the kids. They will be five hours away from us. Close enough to visit, but far enough to make visits inconvenient.

Everything in life changes; we’ve reluctantly accepted that.

Canada is one giant rip-off

What won’t we miss? How expensive it is to live in this country. Currently, gas is $1.82 a litre; that’s over six dollars a gallon in U.S. dollars. Even California, with its high taxes and environmentally-friendly laws, has cheaper gas than here.

Gas has always been expensive here, but the war between Russia and Ukraine has almost doubled the price. Although it’s understandable, it’s still difficult.

Canadian house prices provide the most dramatic comparisons. We live in a city that has San Francisco-level prices for housing. With a lot fewer attractions, worse weather, and less culture. We have not owned our own homes since our previous marriages. We got out of the hot Toronto housing market over ten years ago and have never been able to get back in. A tiny, nondescript house here costs up to two million Canadian dollars depending on the area. The cheapest area of Toronto is Scarborough. A one-bedroom condo there costs about $400,000.00.

Right now we rent a good-sized semi-detached house with a basement apartment. The downstairs tenant might as well be our room-mate with the lack of soundproofing and smell-proofing. Let’s just say that she knows our entire musical repetoire and we know whenever she has a telephone call and what she is cooking for dinner.

We bought a beautiful new suburban house in our new midwestern city for less than that Scarborough condo. Our new house is beyond our wildest dreams, especially after living in such a punishing housing market for so many years.



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