Just Stop Eating Bread!

That’s easier said than done. I know, because there’s a pizza in my fridge I’m starting to jones on, and it’s only nine a.m.

Shoshana Kaufman
6 min readSep 15, 2022


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As a species, humans tend to see solutions to their own problems as possible solutions for the whole world's problems. I’m as guilty of this as anyone. I know that I am healthier when I don’t eat bread or any kind of starch. I glow with health and energy when I confine my diet to protein, healthy fats, vegetables, and fruit. I once did this for three months and I looked and felt amazing. I have not been able to replicate that experience in the four years since that magical time.

As you can imagine, I think that humanity as a whole should eat a whole lot less bread. I mean, it works for me, right?

So I’m not gonna preach. I’m just gonna plead. Like I do with myself every morning when I get up and long to eat something full of starch or sugar.

As Eckhart Tolle might ask, when I am talking to or pleading with myself, who am I speaking to? And he would probably add, if there are two of me, maybe one of them isn’t real.

I know. Mind officially blown.

At least mine was when I first read The Power Of Now. But the unreal part of me often gets the upper hand. When she makes insidious arguments in favor of eating bread or nacho chips, I am drawn in. I may not give in and eat them, but I listen to her poisonous words and am sometimes infected enough to pollute my body with the wrong foods.

There are many different types of plagues. Some of them are positively biblical in scope.

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Back to the world’s problems. I read an article in the New York Times about a year ago about a plague of mice on wheat farms in Australia. There was a bumper crop of wheat after years of drought and rather than enjoying the bounty, the farmers had to contend with a monstrous proliferation of mice that descended on their grain stores. The stench of rotting dead mice was constant. Mice ate appliance cords and crawled…



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