Humans Live in a Fantasy World

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We are ALL, to one extent or another, living in a fantasy world of our own creation.

The unacknowledged problem is that we are all living in a fantasy reality; it is the essence of being human.

The permanence of religious and spiritual ideas is an illusion.

Here’s another example: I am Jewish. I chose Judaism at age 50 and went through a conversion process. One thing my husband, who is a rabbi, said to me early in our relationship was that “Judaism doesn’t actually exist.”

Everything crumbles and disappears in time.

One day even the most solid, well designed, well cared-for synagogue will collapse into rubble. Every Torah scroll will wear out and be buried in a a special grave called a genizah. Eventually, every molecule, every subatomic particle, of that Torah scroll will reorganize itself within material reality into something completely different. Only its essential energy will remain in the universe.

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Human reality is insubstantial and our seeming understanding of the universe is an illusion.

A lot of things are insubstantial, including gender concepts. Shakespeare referred to the entire human world as “this insubstantial pageant” in his final play, The Tempest.

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We are not actually living in reality.

There is always editing or selection of reality.

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Community is everything.

He is still my beloved family member. We share a certain reality, that of our family and our past, and of our shared nationality. Otherwise, we entertain different fantasies of what life means and how we pursue pleasure and happiness. I wish I could have more connection to him, but like many modern families, ours is scattered geographically.

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Only the poets seem to get it.

What if we were to accept and acknowledge that we are all incomplete versions of humanity? That we could come together as one and still retain our individual sense of reality?

Mother, Teacher, wife, food lover, spiritual searcher.

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