Calvin, Let’s Have a Talk

I feel like there are a few things you’re not getting.

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash
I guess I see things differently than you do.Yes, a single bad investment can be difficult to overcome, but lots of good ones can get you past that situation if you are smart about what you are doing. Get advice if you need to.Slow and steady wins the wealth building race. Get rich slowly. And stay there.I saved as much as I could along the way, maxing out my 401K contributions as well as my Roth IRA when allowed to do so. Living below my means helped too.As one of my first investments, I bought about $3000 worth of Home Depot some 30 years ago. Nothing sexy there. Never sold it nor added to it. It is now worth almost $125,000 and pays me about $2500 per year in dividends.Last year in the early days of the pandemic and the lockdowns, I bought some ARKK. Willing to roll the dice there & take on a little more risk. When I was up 200% in 9 months, I sold enough to get my original investment out. And now I am playing with house money and letting my gains ride.I could go on and on, but I hope that I have made my counterpoint to your points.Saving and investing are not inherently bad. It is about making good choices, setting priorities, and even making some sacrifices if necessary.I have not worked for over 10 years, yet I still have an almost six figure annual cash flow…all without having to tap into my portfolio.And if I can do it, a simple guy from a small South Carolina town whose high school class was just 36 students, similar success is within the capacity of others.And now my wife, my son, and my grandchildren will benefit from my efforts long after I am gone.

Mother, Teacher, wife, food lover, spiritual searcher.

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